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The home of the fiber artist with the attention span of a gnat !! Those who know me say .... "what are you up to now?" As I constantly change my art but the one thing that doesn't change is .. expect the unexpected !!!

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I have lots of new items in the works. I am particulary excited about the stained-glass pieces that I am currently working on and the new pieces on metal that I hope to have ready for the March shows. If you have an oppprtunity, come by a show or Art a la Carte Gift Boutique.

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About Me

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I like taking the skills of yesterday and mixing them with the technology of today and my work is the result.

I was a math "geek" when being a "geek" was cool. I have learned how to make kaleidoscopes from a number of skilled craftsmen over the years. So I sit at my computer, open an image (some I create, some already exists flowers, fish anything with good colors). I apply those same mathematical principles to my image and "kaleidoscope" my image. I then save the image and have it printed onto fabric and use that fabric in my artwork.

I also love stained-glass but am very clumsy. So I start with traditional stained-glass patterns but make it with fabric, some work even incorporatess my kaleidoscopes. The results have been mistaken for glass, tile and even clay.

I incorporate the kaleidoscopes into whatever I can ... pins, journals and handbag embellishments as well as suncatchers.

2014 Show Schedule


I display different artwork at each venue.

My work can be seen every day at ..

Art a la Carte
Gift Boutique & Gallery

310 Mill Street
Occoquan, Virginia 22125
(703) 496-9540

Open Daily: 11 - 5
(Girl's dresses, fabric handbags, journals & pins only)



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Last updated January 2014

Any of the kaleidoscopes can be done in any of the formats. Outside colors can be changed.



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Last updated January 2014

Now you know that my "glass is really fabric .. LOL. One-of-a-kind works.



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Last updated January 2014

I also have journals, electronics covers, pins and more to come soon ...


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